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After the war, the family settled in Willowdale, a suburb of Toronto.

From the beginning David and his father had a troubled relationship.

This led to the Shays going to New York to appear on NBC-TV’s “Hullabaloo” at the invitation of its host, fellow Canadian Paul Anka. “We had three days there, and I spent every spare moment in Greenwich Village,” he recalls.

“I saw the young Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Havens, Carole King and James Taylor.

It featured three hit singles, “You Made Me So Very Happy” “And When I Die”,” and “Spinning Wheel” as well as an irresistible rendition of Billie Holiday’s “God Bless The Child” that became a signature song for David.

It rocketed to number one nationally and dominated the Canadian charts for an amazing sixteen straight weeks.“I survived by playing basket houses” performers were given a few minutes of stage time and then passed the basket.Folk singer Judy Collins heard David one night at a club uptown and told her friend, drummer Bobby Colomby about him.“We never heard anyone sing like that” Colomby recalls.They took the reformed group into the Café Au Go Go in the Village.

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