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The Mauryans developed early Indian mail service as well as public wells, rest houses, and other facilities for the common public.

Couriers were used militarily by kings and local rulers to deliver information through runners and other carriers.

The Persian system worked on stations (called Chapar-Khaneh), where the message carrier (called Chapar) would ride to the next post, whereupon he would swap his horse with a fresh one, for maximum performance and delivery speed.

Herodotus described the system in this way: "It is said that as many days as there are in the whole journey, so many are the men and horses that stand along the road, each horse and man at the interval of a day's journey; and these are stayed neither by snow nor rain nor heat nor darkness from accomplishing their appointed course with all speed".

The mails were available to certain officials without charge, which became a controversial privilege as the years passed.

On this basis the Indian Post Office was established on October 1, 1837.

The first documented use of an organized courier service for the diffusion of written documents is in Egypt, where Pharaohs used couriers for the diffusion of their decrees in the territory of the State (2400 BC).

The earliest surviving piece of mail is also Egyptian, dating to 255 BC.

The Universal Postal Union (UPU), established in 1874, includes 192 member countries and sets the rules for international mail exchanges.Proof of payment is often in the form of adhesive postage stamps, but postage meters are also used for bulk mailing.Modern private postal systems are typically distinguished from national postal agencies by the names "courier" or "delivery service".He also negotiated with neighbouring countries to do the same and had roads built from the city of Post in Western Iran all the way up to the city of Hakha in the East.Other writers credit his successor Darius I of Persia (521 BC).

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