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In i OS natively we can’t change the interval at which the system updates the user location.IOS updates position regularly every second, if have GPS signal.The app might need to check the weather in the current location, or put up a notice about interesting places nearby.Fortunately it’s just as easy to get location in a Widget as it is in a full app.

Getting the user’s location in a Widget is a common use case.That’s just perfect, so what we can now do is turn on significant location updates when the user hits the home key and we can let the system wake us up when needed. If we are running in the background, we can’t just use the network as we would normally.In background mode the i OS controls very strictly what is allowed, and for how long it is allowed, so if we were just to send the location to our server as normal, we will find this will be highly unreliable.If the application is in the foreground, we could simply stop monitoring and again start it after interval, for example using NSTimer.In this case, we have to think about the life of the application.

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