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4.7 has taken quite some time, probably more than it really should have, but we can assure you that we are not running out of Steam. The next version, 5.0, is going to be a major stepping stone for the mod, and there are some very exciting improvements to the mod in the works.

Keep in touch, as there's going to be some more info on the next version soon (in Sven Co-op time).

Now that the dust cloud has settled around the alpha, it's time to properly introduce the updates that were only hastily mentioned before.

The smallest of these is the new 64-bit release, which finally offers a native flavor of HLDJ for 64-bit users (you could even say it removes some of the "Wo W factor").

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Setting up HLDJ is also easy with a guided setup process for new users.

If you're a server operator and would like to continue using HLDJ on your server, disable the new codec by setting .

If you play on a server where HLDJ is an integral part of the fun, remind your server operator to do the same!

Get HLDJ Half-Life DJ lets you play audio files over the voice communication system in any Half-Life or Source-based game.

Play your favorite music for others to enjoy, take requests, or play hilarious audio clips - HLDJ lets you keep your audience entertained!

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It facilitates a form of inter-process communication between the game and itself, allowing just about anything to be done within game (while integrating with it) that would ordinarily be done outside of it via an external app.

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