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However, former pupils have told that the reports do not go far enough and say the Government must be held to account for allowing the schools to operate for so long.

They have called for a government inquiry into how “generations of children were failed”.

It was also alleged that at some schools teachers would “groom” girls for marriage while they were still young schoolgirls, by isolating them and pressuring them to marry much older men in the fundamentalist Christian community.

One former pupil, who attended a school as a young girl in the 2000s, told : “You were told from a young age that your role is to support a man and God will lead you to him.

One warned: “No one outside the schools knows about what happens inside them, that’s why they’ve been able to go on like this for so long.” Following investigation, 10 ACE schools were visited by Ofsted inspectors in October and nine of the schools have now been downgraded from “good” or “outstanding” to “inadequate” or “requires improvement”.But in reality, pastors and church leaders guide men to you.In my view, it’s grooming.” Students do not sit GCSEs or A-levels but instead receive certificates in “Christian education”, which former pupils say severely limits their opportunities to gain employment or university education, thereby ensuring they remain in the fundamentalist Christian community.The husband is to be the leader of the home, loving his wife even as Christ loved the church ...The wife is to obey, respect and submit to the leadership of her husband, serving as a helper to him ...

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Adults are there to guide them and instil discipline, but no formal teachers are present.

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