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I survived supper and lay down on the couch apparently dozing off for several hours when my son awoke me.“Mom – Mom, are you ok … I’m off to bed and Monica’s already asleep…” with his assistance I got up from the couch and walked to my bedroom. surely you have taken a girls’ sweater off before …” I froze mid-sentence of my exasperated tantrum as he turned ashen white, slowly shaking his head in the negative.“…I managed the light switch and stood in utter amazement – now what? Sorry, I knew that – guess I’m still shaken as well.” I replied feebly.I know someone beside me was going to have some trouble going to sleep (smiling to myself ruefully) I’d just thought why I fallen down the stairs, I’d been sniffing and attempting to taste his shorts, he’d definitely left a healthy cum load … As my senses came more awake I felt I was being watched and sure enough my son was peeking through the half-closed door.I smiled a little wickedly while I indicated with my head to come here.Updated every hour, you can enjoy all the Strip clips which appear at Tube8, Xhamster, Hardsextube, Shufuni - from our Strip category page, other than that you can sort by lenght, popularity and by date.

“Now lift the sweater from the bottom up over my head …” which we again managed, as my head came free all I could see was my son’s eyes feasting on my bra-clad chest with the most amazed stunned look on his face. “Richard, you’ll get to see all of them in a moment as soon as you remove mommy’s bra!

With his assistance we walked upstairs where he carefully splinted my arms, applied ice packs and drove me to the hospital, to make a long story short, I left a few hours later sporting two casts, a mild headache and numerous bruises.

On the drive home I told Richard that the doctor was very pleased with his splinting and that I now relied on him and Monica to help a bit more around the house till I got back into functioning normally again.

I awoke – dazed, in pain, my skirt flipped up, my butt in the air laying in a mass of dirty laundry with my son frantically calling my name.

I’ll take a moment and back step for introductions.

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