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Sadly, even the happiest place on earth is full of demons as it was just discovered when multiple Disney employees were arrested after being caught soliciting sex from minors.The majority of children in America and in the world would love to spend their summer vacation or free time at Disney World, and why wouldn’t they?Thankfully, these child predators were caught before they could harm anyone, but let us hope that Disney and Universal will do more to safeguard the families that visit there.H/T [Daily Mail] FOLLOW us on Facebook at Freedom Daily!Senator Al Franken was also accused of sexual assault by multiple women to which there is even a picture of him groping a sleeping model on a plane.

The first congressmen to go down in this #metoo movement for sexual misconduct was Michigan Democrat Congressman John Conyers, Conyers resigned after accusations against him started to gain momentum and multiple women came forward.Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.Former beauty queen and TV personality Michelle Molatlou dies Prince Harry promoted to Captain General of the Royal Marines Eva Longoria pregnant with her first child Could this be what Meghan Markle’s wedding dress will look like?Law enforcement arrested a ticket seller, a concierge and a trainee tour guide at the Florida resort – and even a night shift manager accused of watching child porn at work while he wrote a church sermon.Here is more Daily Mail: While it is terrific that law enforcement was able to round up these deviants working at these child-friendly theme parks it does not bode well for the companies.

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