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claimed at a press conference that she was attacked by Polanski when she was 16 in 1973.

She said the incident happened in southern California but would not go into further detail.

He's so stupid and politically uninformed that as long as they stroke his ego and say that these policies will make him beloved by the American people he doesn't care.

For some, a home that’s frozen in time is everything.

Personally I think Trump will be impeached by the democrats in 2019.

The Vatican Nativity scene this year features a hot naked beefy man, a corpse, and no sheep or oxen and it is driving right-wing Christians crazy and to the breaking point this holiday season. Former fresh-faced news anchor Jim Walker won two regional Emmys for his 23-year television career, picking up many fans along the way.

He has been pleading for years to have the 1978 arrest warrant thrown out so that he can return to America. If random dataloungers knew about Spacey 20 years ago, what are the odds that true showbiz insiders had no clue? Mueller is hot on Trump's tail and it's likely more people around Trump will be charged with lying to the FBI.

Are there certain words or phrases that, when you hear them, immediately make you want to step away from someone? If Trump fired Mueller, even his closest aides believe that will be the final nail in the coffin for his presidency.

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