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She chanted, “Enough don’t go further it is dangerous”.“Come on mommy I am there, you just hold me tight” “My clothes will become wet” “So what even if a bit of your clothes get wet? Saying this I took her into sea almost up to the knees.Ours was the last cottage and the beach was absolutely empty. We were having a casual talk and my mother was in a very happy mood. Perhaps she had started learning to enjoy her life without father on her side. Mother was standing near me and watching my athletic body clad only in a small underwear. “Mom I want to go into the sea and enjoy the waves why don’t you also come? The waves were coming and touching our legs and the water was slowly touching her saree’s edge.We were very close to each other and were like two friends instead of mother and son. After walking for some distance I wanted to go into the sea and swim. ” “No I am afraid and I will get wet” “What mom you have come all the way to a sea beach and don’t want to enjoy the sea. You are not going to get many chances like this to visit sea beaches. Nothing will happen I will hold you don’t worry and come to the sea and enjoy the life. She was unwilling but within her she was also interested and came. Her legs were exposed up to knees I went into the sea. She was also joyous of the water like a child and enjoying the feel of water on her legs.

Mom was tired by the journey however she was totally in the mood for the exam, she had her bath freshened up and studied for the exam in the last minute.These was the off season days in Goa and there were very few tourists.Also our beach side city was almost empty these days.My name is Rahul aged 24 years and I live in Mumbai along with my family.There lives my mother Sushma aged about 43 years and my father Ram Lal aged about 46 years. He is normally in bad health and normally resort to drinking in evening due to his work fatigue.

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