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Paul won 38 games in his first two seasons in the majors, but only 12 more in the six seasons that followed, it’s worth a look on You Tube.

Released two weeks after the end of the 1952 World Series, the film is reasonably true to Dean’s actual life story, though it contains typical Hollywood embellishments.

Louis Ambush, 2016-2017 (MASL) (UPDATED) The Thunder’s record has held up for 25 years and seems safe, especially with the shorter seasons indoor soccer has played for the last several years.

The Coyotes, for instance, re-tooled after their unique 0-20 season and are off to a 3-1 start as of this writing, making it even less likely someone will carry that long a streak over two seasons.

The Cardinals sent Paul Dean to the mound for the third game against Detroit’s Tommy Bridges.

SECOND UPDATE, DECEMBER, 2017 It seems like every couple of years I have to update this post. And once again, there is no mention of a child protective services investigation.

The Cedar Rapids Rampage of the Major Arena Soccer League fired first-year head coach Jonathan Greenfield on Thursday, but didn’t tell anyone until after Saturday’s 14-11 win over the Kansas City Comets.

There were success stories (FC Cincinnati becoming the first lower-division team ever to average over 20,000 a game, something only 23 , Sacramento selling out every game and Phoenix tripling their crowds) and some concerning spots (Rochester falling completely off the table and MLS developmental teams in Vancouver, Kansas City, Seattle and Toronto dropping from already-low averages to even lower averages).

All that said, here are the numbers for 2017 and, after the jump, some notes and stuff: and league-wide average announced attendance nudged up by just under two percent from 2016.

With most teams playing in their own stadiums and selling large percentages of their ticket inventory coming in, it was not going to be easy to see the type of growth as in past years, but only Chicago saw substantial gains.

First, the numbers and then, after the jump, some notes: each won two games as the St.

Louis Cardinals beat the Detroit Tigers in seven games.

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