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The couple had been together for more than two decades before their divorce was finalized in March 2015.

Speaking about their shock break-up at the time, Robin dismissed allegations that cheating lead to their demise, insisting there was 'a long list' of reasons they couldn't make it work, though hinted he was solely responsible.

Thicke denied striking his son in a manner that was against the law and claimed his ex wife was seeking revenge because she didn't get an invitation to his father's funeral.

Patton claimed he abused her as well won a temporary restraining order against him where he was allowed only supervised visits with their son.

I was struggling through my toughest time, and I decided to share it.I plan on many more.' Robin previously said of his relationship with Julian: 'We do everything (together).'We go to theme parks or museums or ball games or just go to the park on Saturday and sit around and walk for a few hours.The future child is not mentioned in the custody agreement.The agreement states Thicke and Patton will switch-up who has Julian during the holidays depending if it is an even or an odd year.

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