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After 1916, generally only Granted patents were published.

The only exception is some patent applications originating abroad and which claimed priority.At one time, jewelry designs could not be copyrighted, so jewelry manufacturers protected their investment in their designs using patents. Once the patent was approved, companies could then stamp the patent number on the jewelry.This process could sometimes take months, so once the patent design and specifications were submitted, companies would mark their jewelry “PAT. In some cases, a design was patented, but the jewelry may not have a patent stamp, as in this lovely 1941 Coro brooch.To get started, see the Finding patents page in this guide.Essential information The number and year of the patent are essential to know if you wish to view a patent.

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Under the Patents & Designs Act 1907 (Section 91 (4), these patent applications were printed and given numbers under the six-figure series.

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