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She recalls being a child, when she was wearing a prosthetic arm, some boys threw stones at her.But she said: 'The way I look at it, we can all get bullied.We've reviewed about 1,500 dating sites for you, separated the wheat from the chaff and will present you in the following the best dating sites in the UK so that you can easily compare them.It wasn't an easy decision but we've finally reached a conclusion.Pohl and her husband are also parents of a child with disabilities, and said that Heckman 'saw his son suffer too much, too long.' Grant was born with cerebral palsy, had severe neurological disabilities, was non verbal and confined to a wheelchair.He was 'as helpless as helpless could be,' Pohl said. He was also suffering with painful ulcers from inflammatory bowel disease ulcerative colitis.Officers tracked down the principal by pinging his cellphone and found him and his son in the van.Friends and family were shocked by the news, but some say they can understand what drove him to it.

Cherylee was cast in 2010 playing the part of Izzy Armstrong, becoming the show's second disabled character, and the first to be played by a genuinely disabled actress.

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Investigators say there could be more victims that have not been identified.

Janet Pohl, who along with her husband Luke, is a longtime friend of Heckman, say she believes he did it 'out of love for his son and not wanting him to suffer'.'I don't condone what George did, I don't think anyone condones it, but I understand it.

I'm sorry to say I understand it, I wish I didn't,' she told MLive.

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Grant required constant care from Heckman - who cared for him along with his wife Jeanne Heckman, and two other kids, Claudia and Sam.

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