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Clamen spent three weeks in Peru working with the police, the Canadian and American embassies, and various search-and-rescue teams to no avail.She then turned to Magnus International, an Israeli company headed by Yechiel (Hilik) Magnus, an Israel Defence Forces veteran who founded the search-and-rescue organization, which is made up of intelligence-gathering experts, climbing specialists and rescue experts. “They believe he was heading towards the Panta Union Path. There are many places where he could have gone off track … There are crevasses and his clothing was black, so it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack.” Magnus did find a French couple who spent a night with Galganov before he disappeared.

See Safety and security for more information Learn more about the safety and security situation.Keep your personal belongings in the trunk of the vehicle, as criminals have been known to shatter windows to “smash and grab” and to attempt entry when they see travel bags or merchandise.Criminals have thrown objects in front of oncoming traffic in the hope that cars will stop.She said that when she met with the Magnus team in Israel, she provided them with a psychological profile of her son. “They went through the registries of all the people who had signed into the trek at different times.…“They’re trying to imagine what they would do if they were him. They said to me, ‘I think I know your son now as well as you do,’ ” said Clamen, who raised Galganov as a single mother for most of his life. I don’t think anyone knows him better than I do.” Jesse Galganov’s father, Todd Galganov, is stationed in Lima, awaiting word from authorities. They did track down people who spent the night with him, the night of Sept. They figured out who these people are and they contacted them, and the authorities never did this – neither the Peruvian, Canadian or American,” Clamen said.

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This includes the region where the Apurímac, Ayacucho, Cusco and Junín departments meet, parts of Huancavelica and Ucayali departments, and the Upper Huallaga river valley in the Huánuco and San Martín departments. Incidents have included: Cocaine production and trafficking occurs in the Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro river valley (a region referred to as VRAEM).

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