Meet fuck no creidt cards

Frank, who has been fantasizing about beating up and then being stabbed by his wife, flies to Texas, where things are tense, with a capital T.

It seems Claire hasn’t seen or spoken to her mother, Elizabeth, since her father’s funeral.

May take the form of an Overly Narrow Superlative or a Trivially Obvious statement.

See also Wants a Prize for Basic Decency, So Okay, It's Average, Not Like Other Girls, and You Are a Credit to Your Race.

Contrast with Stealth Insult, which also damns people through "praise" - in that case, though, the praise is illusionary rather than merely weak. Those who confuse faint praise with actual praise will claim that It's Not Supposed to Win Oscars.

Should we all just be grateful that Doug Stamper doesn’t work for the GOP? His new role as an inmate masturbation whisperer doesn’t come from the goodness of his heart; it’s a ploy to eke out a confession from his cellmate.

The resulting intel — said cellmate is taking a murder rap for an Armenian crime lord — is enough to earn Goodwin a ticket out of jail and entrance into the Witness Security Program, a.k.a. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Claire Underwood is back at the ranch.

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