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Our long-reach, large-bucket track-excavators are ideal tools for these tasks.

We can quickly, precisely and efficiently remove large quantities of siltation and provide for disposal.

Our long-reach track-excavators can work from the shore or lake-bottom.

Our rubber-track dump trucks are ideal for hauling inter-project material across challenging terrain.

“Maybe it doesn’t exist, or we are in a wrong place. So, as we both were sitting nervously in the corner, I thought it was best to have something to eat , atleast to look a little busy.

Anu didn’t want any alcoholic drink and told me to bring her any fruit juice.

Our experts have more than 40-years of experience and are pleased to make their knowledge available.

A hour or so of consultation can result in savings totaling thousands of dollars and months of aggravation. Lake Dredging: Mc Eachern Dredging specializes in commercial and residential lake dredging.

However, the female bartender looked a bit surprised when I asked her for fruit juice and said she only has hard drinks and colas. Anu was still sitting with her face nuzzled in my shoulders and looking at the proceedings with the corner of her eyes. The crowd was mostly elderly couples but one or two single guys were also sitting around.As the evening wore on, we started walking hand in hand towards Torcado underground station. But soon we heard footsteps behind us and heard a lot of laughing and giggling.From the other side of the river, the Eiffel tower looked awesome in the night., We took some more pictures, We bought tickets for another underground station called rue du Cherche-Midi. As the train reached our station, my heart started beating faster. It was a very fashionable French couple who overtook us and pressed the bell next to a small inconspicuous door ahead of us, which one could easily miss. She was holding onto me tightly as we walked upto a dark corner “Adi, I think we should go back”. We are inside the club, atleast let us see what happens here” I told her “Even if you don’t want us to get involved, let us atleast watch for sometime and then we can leave” I caressed her hands trying to put her at ease.Stream Dredging: Given proper permitting, we can easily access streams for maintenance via shoreline or stream-bed.We also install erosion walls and catch basins to help prevent continued erosion.

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