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Getting positive proof is great; however, what it proves most of all is that scientists have too much time on their hands.

Else, how do they come up with all the following strange but true facts on animals?

In his early 30s, the beer-bellied Dex has things figured out.

He's widely read in philosophy, he's studied Steve Mc Queen the prototypical cool American hero, and he's distilled Buddhism and Taoism into three laws that make him a hit with women: don't express desire, do something heroic in front of her, then retreat.

" The clever dialog and the sweetness of Dex's discovery that he actually loves Syd and doesn't really want to be a professional cad all his life makes the movie worth watching.

Also fun is the truth in the "Tao of Steve" with its three edicts: 1) suppress your desire--and your agenda of getting her into bed 2) be excellent in her presence and 3) retreat.

Some of the following weird facts illustrate that many Americans could stand to learn a thing or two from some of the other crazy nations around the world, and you, as an American, should enjoy the following strange but true facts about your country.

Hundreds of men and women around the world do crazy things every day, and you would be surprised how many of these bizarre facts are the result of ridiculous things considered normal every day.

There are hundreds of strange facts that can bring a smile to your face, and you may find that some of these strange but true facts may really creep you out. There are hundreds, even thousands of weird but true facts, and there are far too many to compile in one place.

However, for your entertainment pleasure, we have compiled a list of all of the bizarre facts that could be found.

A part-time job with young children, beer, guys, Frisbee golf, pool, poker, his dog Astro, and sex: what could be missing?

Then, at his ten-year college reunion, Dex meets Syd, and the "Tao of Steve" may not be enough to get him what he wants.

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Based on history, we know that many people in the old days were crazy, but we can look back from our vantage point in the present and laugh in their faces.

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