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All I'm looking for is a normal average looking girl if she's great looking and she's got a great personality that's fine too but thats is very rare usually the good-looking ones have egos and look down on people that are not as good looking as in them and want to use you and I just tell the truth cuz I've been there.

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Hello , I'm single and searching for a man , who can take proper care of me , I need a relationship which can lead to marriage, I'm from Los Angeles , anybody around California should add me up on hangout Hi everyone I'm Robert I am in Southwest Florida single trying to find someone between the ages of 28 and 47 to go out with I've been lonely now and single for almost 4 years.

I am finding out it's not so easy now that I'm 51 being by myself and I'm lonely and need some companionship be nice to have someone to love me and care for me my parents passed away I don't know where my sisters or my daughter are so if anyone's interested to get to know me my email is [email protected] start a Hangout For anyone that doesn't know me I'm easy going I love to love and I love to be loved and it'd be nice to meet somebody now that I'm 51 years old and single the life was great for awhile now it's starting to get old and I'm getting lonely I'm not rich so if you think I have a lot of money I don't want to lead anybody on but I'm not poor I get by check to check like everybody else that's a blue collar worker so I'm just letting you whoever wants to get ahold of me thats what I'm about who I am I am a part-time personal trainer I love working out taking care of myself I would rather like to have a partner preferably that does work out or would want to work out you don't have to be buffed or nothing just be nice to have somebody to work out with a female companion thanks Robert james So since I've told people I'm a blue collar worker and not a rich boy I haven't had one single hit from a scammer.

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