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In Reform and Conservative congregations, the bride may also sign the ketubah, and additonal lines can be added for female witnesses, too.

Despite its testimony that the groom has "acquired" the bride, the ketubah is all about the bride's rights and her willingness to take part in the marriage.

In fact, the ketubah belongs solely to the bride and is hers to keep as proof of her rights and the groom's responsibilities to her under Jewish law. Both fathers and all the men lead the groom to the bride's room, where both mothers and all the women surround her.

The groom lowers the veil over her face, setting her apart from everyone else and indicating that he is solely interested in her inner beauty.

Everything is planned, save for the set of essential details that will turn your big day into a timeless, spiritual event. The groom attempts to present a lecture on the week's Torah portion, while his male friends and family heckle and interrupt him.

Meanwhile, the bride is entertained in another room by her female friends and family.

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This isn't done much these days, but its customary for newlyweds to seize the yihud moment and feed each other a bite or two of their first meal together.

No in-laws, no seating arrangement charts, no videographer.

Just you and your new spouse staring into each other's eyes.

Bride and groom may lead the tish together in Conservative and Reform congregations.

(Jewish marriage contract) is signed by the groom, the rabbi, and two male witnesses.

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