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Was I wrong to disguise my intelligence in an attempt to make myself more attractive? 'Because you've got two flats,' he said glumly, 'and I haven't even got one.' Crazy as it may sound, given that I was far from rich, he clearly felt emasculated by what he regarded as my success, and ran away to watch rugby and chat up small feline creatures in the bars of South Wales.A month or so later, he told me that 'he was just not boyfriend material'. If I go on a date now, I've found I avoid talking about my career.

The question this leaves successful women with is whether we should learn to be submissive, socially and domestically, in order to attract a mate.

If we want to be happy in relationships, we have to get that back - even if that means 'unlearning' some of the things that have got us to the top. Almost all the women I've asked that question want a relationship, including me. We need to accept that, just because we've changed, we can't expect them to. Successful women have reached crisis point and maybe we have to acknowledge we can't undo our evolutionary changes.

Perhaps long-term relationships aren't a reality for very high achievers, and maybe we have to accept that our careers will have to be a substitute for love, however sad that might be.

When a man gets face-to-face with how impressive a woman is, he can feel inadequate.

So rather than ask for her number, he’ll walk away.

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We have masculine - and men don't want to date women who think like men.

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