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The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs said the administration completed 67 deregulatory actions and taken three regulatory actions through the end of September that would result in a cost savings of 0 million a year.In Indiana, drug-related foster cases shot up more than sixfold between 20.The patent document describes a ratchet with a distinctive swiveling drive gear, allowing it to operate at an angle. The text notes that the sets were available in nine different models, with prices ranging from .50 to . Currently we don't have much information on this company, but the company appears to have been founded around 1920, based on a small advertisment in the April 1920 issue of Fig.Allen Wrench & Tool remained in business at least through the late 1920s, based on various published sources. 19 shows a pair of BESCO giant battery terminal pliers, designed for lifting a cable clamp from a battery post. The overall length is 14.5 inches, and the finish is plain steel with traces of black paint.The friction ratchet went into production in 1913 and was offered in various "Allen Friction Ratchet" socket sets with pressed-steel sockets and auxiliary drive tools, with Billings & Spencer providing the manufacturing for the ratchet itself.

This ratchet was described by patent #1,261,092, filed in 1914 and issued in 1918. The Battery Equipment & Supply Company (BESCO) operated in Chicago during the 1920s.

The ratings agency revised its outlook to negative, saying the system faces financial challenges.

Women of Influence IBJ’s Women of Influence program recognizes women who have risen to the highest levels of business, the arts and community and public service in central Indiana.

The publication also features a Q&A with a wedding planner and surveys the steakhouse scene downtown.

Breast Cancer Awareness In the Business Cares Breast Cancer Awareness issue, you’ll find news about advances in mammography, a program that keeps cancer patients from becoming heart patients, a woman who channeled her grief into support for Susan G.

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The big changes in the federal tax code aren't happening in a vacuum. tax laws offers generous tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest Americans while providing smaller cuts for middle- and low-income families.

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