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It prompted fears amongst the town's residents at the council's inability to prevent or control the riots and led to speculation that the council was tolerant of lawlessness.

Because of disorderly behaviour at fairs, in 1861 the area, along with Smithfield and Digbeth, became the only place in central Birmingham where fairs were permitted. The area around the market site developed and, by the Victorian era, a large number of shops were operating there.

The 2017 Birmingham Bowl will be played Saturday, Dec. CT at historic Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama. The last known construction work was in 1703; it was demolished in 1784.It was also known as the Old Cross, to distinguish it from the Welch Cross, and was also nicknamed the Butter Cross due to farmwives selling dairy produce beneath its arches.Immigrants set up businesses such as flower-sellers and umbrella vendors.The Lord Nelson statue became the location for preaching and political protests.

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