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“[An agent at Royal Seas] said, ‘Ma’am you’ve got a discounted cruise, I don’t have to refund you anything.

The Better Business Bureau also said that only one of its 171 complaints with the company has been closed as unresolved.Instead, she booked with Royal Seas Cruises, a travel agency that has been called a “scam” by numerous online commenters for offering free or discounted cruises, then disclosing additional fees, and failing to refund passengers when they seek to cancel or, in Bausch’s case, when their sailings are canceled.For Bausch, the salesman quickly turned the political survey call into an offer for a vacation package. To Bausch’s dismay, that voyage was canceled Friday, less than a month before her sailing date.You will meet your personal selection of Colombian women in a series of small groups and/or individually throughout your stay.These exclusive gatherings are an excellent means for discovering a life partner who will have the qualities you seek in a wife.

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