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An item will be freshest and tastiest if consumed by that date, but it will probably still be safe a few days after (stay within these food-storage guidelines).

A “sell by” date is meant for the store; it tells a retailer when to pull an item from the shelves.

Although the toxin that causes botulism is extremely rare in commercial canned goods, damaged cans have a higher chance of being contaminated.

Items from the freezer section of the supermarket are safe to eat indefinitely.

Although dating of some foods is required by more than 20 states, there are areas of the country where much of the food supply has some type of open date and other areas where almost no food is dated. The FDA only has guidelines on labeling a product and the required information.

And toss any cans that are bulging and leaking or that spurt liquid when opened.When you buy packaged food, check to make sure the sell-by date hasn’t passed, then eat it within the time range recommended in this guide. According to the USDA, high-acid canned goods, like tomatoes and citrus fruits, will keep for up to 1½ years.Low-acid canned goods—that’s pretty much everything else, including vegetables, meat, and fish—will last for up to 5 years.Food products can be divided into two main categories - refrigerated and canned.Most bakery and pharmacy related food items are "sell by" or "best by" dated, which is easy for you and I to understand.

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After that, they can become icy and start to take on the flavors of other foods in the freezer.

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