Andrew vanwyngarden dating zoe kravitz

She dropped out to pursue a career in acting and supposedly suffered from anorexia and bulimia.

She first appeared in the films No Reservations (2007) and The Brave One (2007), and played Angel Salvadore in the Marvel Comics film X-Men: First Class (2011).

At the age of 11 Zoe got a lavish birthday party in LA. She loves sandwiches with toasted bread, avocado, chili flakes, turkey and lemon.

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The song “Flowers for Zoë”, was done on her father’s second album Mama Said in her honor. She is the daughter of musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bone. ZOE KRAVITZ grew up with strict rules by her mother about watching TV.

She could only watch the television once on the weekend. Her dad Lenny Kravitz could not wait until she was 16 yrs old for that special birthday party.

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