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Blake and Samantha have strong chemistry between them, and it made for some great dialogue. You could tell these characters really felt for each other, and would do anything for them.

Eliza Havens finds it easier to push Carter away than give in to her desire for him.But if she says yes to him, it might mean putting the man she is starting to love in danger.With these first two novels, Catherine is off to a great start with things.Is the enigmatic man from her wonderful dreams cost her more than she would have liked? It will take you on a great ride, and make you feel every single emotion that is known to man.Neil Mac Bain is a retired Marine is unable to deny that Gwen the blue blood has had an effect on his body or damaged soul. Something dangerous from Neil’s past comes back and it gets Gwen caught in the crossfire. Fans of the novel felt that the characters are both realistic.

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