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When the girls are thus assembled they are all asked, one after another, which of the young men of the town they would like to sleep with them the next night.Each names one, and these are immediately notified by the masters of the ceremony and all come in the evening to sleep with those who have chosen them, in the presence of the sick woman, from one end of the lodge to the other, and they pass the whole night thus, while the two chiefs at the two ends of the house sing and rattle their tortoise-shells from evening till the following morning, when the ceremony is concluded.” It is important to note that it was the young women that did the choosing, not the young men.This reflects the importance and respect given to women in Wendat culture.But Sagard did not speak of the name of this ceremony.They were a horticultural people, growing corn, beans and squash, which probably made up over two-thirds of their diet, the rest comprising fish, fruit and meat, fundamentally in that order.Most of the work of their horticulture — the planting, weeding, harvesting and grinding — was done by women.In a detailed study of the 18 century Wyandot, one of the descendent groups of the Wendat and their linguistically and culturally closely related cousins, the Etionnontateronnon (people of where there is a mountain) – or Petun, as the French called them – there were no marriages between people of the same clan, despite the fact that they typically numbered between 500-600 people during the 18 century.To use a technical term, the people were still exogamous (i.e. Adultery happened (there was a Wendat term for it), but the person would have to be of a different clan.

Their ancestors of the 17 century became well-known in Europe because of the writings of Jesuit missionaries who lived with them.then ensue the thanks of the sick man for the health that has been restored to him, professing himself entirely cured by this remedy.”” – be enveloped in sex for me. By 1649, when the Wendat were on the brink of being driven out of their traditional territory, the most Christian of the communities refused to hold this ceremony.It speaks of several aspects of traditional Wendat culture.Obviously, a Catholic order of men sworn to celibacy might not seem the best source for talking about the sex life of an entire people, but the Jesuit drive for encyclopedic knowledge about their mission charges has made them a good source on this topic, nonetheless.The Wendat formed a loose confederacy of four smaller nations or tribes: the Bear, Cord, Rock and Deer.

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